Major depression or bipolar depression often affects one’s ability to function, feel or think. It is a situation where one always possesses pervasive sadness, hopelessness and disappointments. The depressed person does not have pleasure in life, has a feeling to stay lonely and do not want to engage in life activities.  Such feeling goes much deeper into affecting one’s whole existence. The changing moods in the victims are an evidence of bipolar. However, the natures in which moods changes vary in individuals. Moods changes in bipolar include mania, depression, hypomania and mixed symptoms of both depression and mania. It means that in the course of bipolar depression, an individual goes through periods of high moods, depression and sometimes normality in moods. Mania starts with having a sense of heightened energy, social ease and even creativity. The feeling then elevates to euphoria. In the entire thread of posts, the two themes are suicide, as a desire to die but not kill one’s self and lose of job. Both situations are caused by bipolar depression (Clinical Depression Forum).

In the case of pencilsNcigarrettes, depression led to his sacking. He was often late for work and because he went to work less motivated, he was less productive. Terrible sensations were the norm in his life every morning he woke up. The bad feeling that something bad was going to happen in the course of the day drained him more. One of the major characteristics of bipolar depression is one having disinterest in his work or any other activity. It explains why pencilsNcigarrettes felt tired and often woke up late.  His testimony also indicates how those suffering from depression by alienating themselves from others, subject themselves to being misunderstood. No one can tell why they are unproductive, always late or less motivated. Therefore, a boss who has no knowledge about bipolar depression will most likely send off his depressed employee. The fluctuating moods, that is, the mania stages, are the reason why pencilsNcigarrettes felt motivated to go to work during the last week. However, the continuous disinterest in doing or going to work is always enough to warrant an employee suffering from bipolar depression to be sacked (Clinical Depression Forum).

Due to bipolar depression, one neither feels the worth of being alive; neither can one tell his real purpose of living. Bipolar depression is a major cause for suicide. Such attribute defines Batman’s emotional state. He is no longer interested in his economics course; neither does he have any optional course that interests him. Besides, he does not have friends but acquaintances. The continuous alienation from friends and his hobbies makes him to think of death as the only solution to his predicament. In Batman’s case, there is a danger of the depression worsening if there is no proper medical or psychiatric treatment. The lack of the source to his depression may also complicate his situation. Bipolar disorders vary depending on the frequency and type of episodes experienced by individuals. Therefore, its treatment must be customised according to the patient’s severity and patterns. The most popular medication is the mood stabilisers. However, the higher the degree, the more the lack of interest to life, therefore at this stage, one is most likely to commit suicide (Clinical Depression Forum).

However, it is important that a patient does not adjust a medicine dose without consulting a doctor. Batman should then continue using the medications or consult more with his psychiatric to experience a reprieve from his current state. From the forum, though both the victims are not planning to commit actual suicide, they desire to die. Therefore, loss of jobs and suicide are the themes prominent from this forum. It is also imperative to conclude that bipolar depression leads to lose of jobs and suicide.


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