Critical Commentary

The author in the text is tackling the issue of white racism in schools. The author through a study gives an account of the problem of racism and the possible solutions to the problem. The major contributor to the rapid increase of the number of white racism in America is attributable to the increase in the number of both illegal and legal immigrants. The author focuses on a concept of racism that arises unconsciously due to the fact that most of the American population is born white. In the school, the teachers who tutor the immigrants have low expectation of the immigrants in comparison to the other children. There is little expectation from their teachers most of the teachers have a low expectation and attest to their white bias. The sad thing is that the people perpetrating the racism were the same people who abhor the vice. They are good people despite this and they had little idea of their racist nature.  The paper provides insight into how to run the day to day classes in the general American school that has not only pure whites but the rest of the population as well (Marx, 2010).

The author mainly focuses on the unknown bias in the teachers and in the institutions. This is not always the case. White racism may be intentional but not clearly shown. Through some random acts that may be considered innocent the teacher or someone in a position of power may propagate racism and portray a picture of innocence.  The focus also on the books on Latinos is not genuine. The books are not a clear stereotype since they simply relate to what they are accustomed to in their native community. The stereotype is rather where a particular community is used to give the example in a book meant for the use in school such as relating Mexicans with drugs. The suggestion that people of color are not as intelligent owing to the low admissions in the university is not genuine. There is a clear lack of opportunity for people of color. They will usually come from poorer backgrounds decreasing their chances of affording college fees despite their intelligence levels. This creates a vicious cycle with none of them advancing further in their education.  This is an incorrect measure of the intelligence levels. An objective measure would be an intelligence test of a population. The children are described as having low self-esteem. The case may be different and may simply perception and nothing else. It may also be as a result of the attitude of the tutor towards the child. The solutions that the author suggests to the people are rather insincere. Talking about it does not really solve it. It makes them aware of their problems but does little to change their behavior towards the children. The author brings out strength despite all the limitations of the study. The fact that the tutors are able to recognize their weakness and the prejudice against the immigrants is a step in the right direction. It is advisable to try this as part in the class (Marx, 2010).

The author’s assertion about white racism has its strengths and limitation. White racism is as rampant in schools as it is in the society.  It is easier to deal with it in the school setting depending on the awareness of the tutors. It is a challenge to many tutors to talk about the subject since they abhor the vice. They are not aware that some of the statements that they make promote it. The realization would ensure an attitude change. One that would make them cautious of what they say in the classes.  It is unclear the effect that the supposed white racism has on the other children. It is hard to determine the effect that the innocent comments had on the children. The study did not take to account the number of participants in the study to make a definite conclusion. The solutions that the author gives are mainly centered on talking about the issue not to solve it but to be aware that it exists. Further discussion is required so that a definite solution about the issue is recognized (Marx, 2010).

White racism is a reality, one that is in the public domain. It is important to not only portray a picture of equality in schools but for it to be a reality. The lack of awareness of the tutors propagating this is one of the reasons that it may be rampant in schools. The tutors are not the only ones that cause the rift among the whites. The vice is passed on to the children. They further brand their colleagues as stupid or less intelligent as a result of the constant branding of the same by the teachers. It is important for this to come to an end to ensure that both the tutors and the children are aware of the prejudice and the negative effect that the seemingly harmless comments will have on the children (Marx, 2010).