Crowd sourcing

The website “know your professor” works with crowd sourcing because through the website, the ratings of the professor can be obtained from individuals who have attended the professor’s classes. The quality parameters that can be obtained from the respondents are: overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness and availability. In summary, a good quality rating is one in which the professor is smart, humorous, easy to make the classes interesting, well prepared and has depth in discussion. Outside the classroom environment, the professor should be an example to other students.

The website can be useful for both students and administrators. For students, the website will be a source of important information about the professors. This information can help in making decisions on whether to involve the professor as a supervisor in projects or not. The reason for this is that if the lecturer is rated as easy by many students, then he/she would be an easy person to deal and work with; on the other hand, if the professor is rated as difficult, then it shows that he/she is not flexible. For the administrators, the ratings will help in designing ways of improving content delivery to the students.

The challenges that this website may face is that it may not get objective rating from some students. This occurs especially in instances when the students feel that they may have been victimized or given low grades by the professor. They may therefore want to give the low ratings as a sign of revenge to the lecturer. The site should be able to capture information on the frequency of attendance of lessons by both the students and the professor.