Current controversy discussion assignment

Donald Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. He has NBAs charges to terminate his ownership. His wife Shelly Sterling continues to make fast to sell the team by end of the week.   Donald’s lawyer, Max Bletcher says his client will fight to the end.  Bletcher argues that the agreement Donald has with his wife is disavowed. He will sell the team when he gets around it.  Donald has a change of mind in the agreement with his wife to sell the team. Donald’s lawyer argues that the change of heart is because he was in a state of shock but he is much better (Shelburne, 2014).

Those in support of Donald Sterling argue that he is supposed to sell the team but NBAs should not force him. He is a legal owner who should be given time to make his decisions. Donald is being treated unfairly and his statements misinterpreted.  On the other hand those who support NBAs argue that Donald should terminate his ownership of the team. He willingly signed a contract with NBA and upon damaging the league. Donald is supposed to terminate his ownership. He deserves the punishment and hearings should continue.

Donald is banned from the league because he is termed as a hateful racist. Adam Smith on Tuesday banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league and seeks to convince the governors to force him sell the team.  Those against Donald Sterling argue that losing his asset is just.  It was a perfect opportunity for NBA to triumph over the rival, Donald Sterling.  Supporters of Donald Sterling argue that this is not a just act. He has private ownership of the team and his thoughts were audio-taped illegally.  The thoughts were revealed on a tape of which did not have anything illegal and did not call for any violence. Even though Donald Sterling has a bad reputation, NBA should not force him divest his property (Pesca, 2014).

This issue should be debated in class because it will help students learn about communication. The issue touches on the society at large. It would be necessary if students knew the matters surrounding them and the way such matters are solved.  As students in the communication discipline, it would help in analyzing how media houses are involved in covering such incidences.


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