Listening to music

Listening to music is an essential aspect to the audience. Listening helps audience understand the content and styles used by the composer. The audience has the opportunity to learn the words used by the composer. Listening can be done using different modes. People have different listening capabilities. There are those who can listen to long phrases and others prefer short phrases. Some listeners listen to music frequently because it is interesting. Others listen as a result of situation in which they meet the music than the music itself. Cultural identity also influences listeners. This paper will describe and assess listener’s experience of two different compositions.

I will never give u up by Rick Astley and thinking about forever by Bridget Kelly are two different compositions. “I will never give you up” is a dance-pop genre that was released in 1987.  The listening experience of this song revolves around different aspects of music. Timbre is an aspect of sound that involves duration, pitch, dynamics, articulation and timber or tone color. This song last for three and a half hours. The pitch of the sound is high. Listening to the song from start to the end, the pitch remains high. Another aspect of this song is that there are dynamics present in the song.  When listening to the song, the volume goes high severally in the song (Wright, 2002). The crescendo of the song is heard in the beginning of the song.  It gets higher when singing the chorus.  Decrescendo of the song is experienced when the ladies are singing. They make the sound of the song become softer.  Rick handles the chorus is a distinctive way.  The chorus alternates and has 16th notes that are longer, and has off-the-beat triplets. He delivers the song smoothly and it is evident that Rick knows his singing quite well. He is persistent in his vice considering that he sings as he dances.  He changes the melodies within the song and all are persistent. Rick has an excellent voice and his vocal are also excellent.  Rick’s song has an ornate style of singing. The song has great flexibility. The sing and dance at the same time. The song has beats that are accompanied by instruments.

The other song is “Thinking about Forever” by Bridget Kelly is an R&B song. The song plays for almost 3 and half minutes.  This is a slow song with and Bridget sings it alone.  This is contrast from Astley’s song. The song is fast while the one by Bridget is a bit slow.  Since is a slow song, the duration of the sound is long.  In the sound of the song, the words are made longer which gives the song an appropriate rhythm. The pitch of the sound is low. The song is a slow genre and the pitch is consistent.  The crescendo and decrescendo are found in the song. The singer alternates the pitch from softer to louder.  When the singer starts the song, the sound is softer and it goes loud. However, this song is not as loud as in the composition of Rick Astley.  The song is also smooth and one is able to follow the lyrics. In contrast with Rick’s song, Bridget’s song is easy to learn. It is not as fast as with Rick’s song. The listener can learn lyrics as the singer poses within the song.   By listening to the song, there is combination of instruments used. The use of instruments gives the song a rhythm (Galeazzi, 2012).

The chorus of the song is repeated twice. This gives the listener an opportunity to learn the lyrics. This is a quality in music whereby singers use it to pass the message as well as attract the attention of the audience. the audience can be included in the performance as the chorus is easy to memorize.  To the lovers of slow beat, this is the best son to listen to. The song has an atmospheric beat and quite smooth. The beats are slow compared to the one in the song by Rick (Rick, 1987).  There is no dynamics of chorus in Bridget song.  The singer repeats the same chorus through the song. This is different from Rick’s song where there is change in the way he does the chorus. This dynamic aspect helps Rick’s song famous and vibrant. However, the two songs use both soft and loud pitches at some point.  Both have utilized the use of instruments in order to improve the rhythm of the song.  In both songs, the language is clear. The singers deliver high quality vocals in their songs. One is able to understand the language and each word they use in their songs. The language is simple and can be understood by listeners (Bridget).

Repetition is another aspect of listening to music that is present in both songs. The chorus is repeated after every one stanza. This repetition is quite essential in music. The audience who loves listening to songs looks forward to a repeated part where they can easily memorize. In most cases, listeners love listening to songs that are no complicated. They can get an opportunity to learn the entire song or even the chorus. This aspect of composition is adapted by many singers and composers. The two songs apply the aspect of repetition which is applied in the chorus ( Galeazi, 2012).

The two songs also have a related theme. They both have a theme of love. Rick sings about never giving up of his love. On the other hand, Bridget sings about thinking of someone forever.  The two singers have a strong attachment to love.  They both demonstrate their love in the songs.  A theme is an essential aspect in music. A composer has to come up with a theme before writing the lyrics. The theme gives the composer the direction and helps the singer to have consistent ideas in the song.  This is a subject that the composer wants to put across to the listeners.  A theme will help the singer make the right choice of words (Wright, 2012).

In conclusion, listening to music is an aspect that is important in the society. a composer writes a song with the aim of winning fans who can listen to the music. Fans will listen to music that is interesting to them, and also to support their favorite musician. They also do it because of cultural identity. However, the most important aspect of listening is the elements that are found in the song. These elements include the melody, rhythm, pitch, duration and articulation of the song among others. Different genres of songs may have different elements. For instance, pop music by Rick Astley is fast and high pitched. On the other hand the song “Thing about Forever” by Bridget is a slow genre that has a low voice. Combination of these elements attracts listeners who become active listeners to the song.


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